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With waste receptacles being an essential part of any business or organization, finding ways to get even more use out of them has become a question that a growing number of businesses are asking. After all, with the receptacle sitting in one place throughout the day either inside or outside of the building, the waste receptacle can also serve as an excellent tool for branding your company and getting the public familiar with your logo. To that end, Securr is pleased to be able to offer custom trash cans and recycle bins that can include your logo or other graphic design. In addition to being an effective marketing tool, the use of custom trash cans and recycle bins gives your office, factory or business a professional and polished appearance.

Get the Look You Want with Securr

At Securr, we are happy to offer an extensive list of waste receptacles from which you can select. Since all of our products are customizable, you can achieve the ideal look with any of the receptacles we have to offer. Thanks to our in-house fabrication capabilities, we can offer things such as customized laser-cut panels and custom color schemes. Regardless of the method, we use to customize your receptacle, you can count on it to be created with high-grade materials and finishes designed to create a receptacle with a long life. In addition, thanks to the unique design of our receptacles, you can also count on them to feature interchangeable parts, making it easier to maintain the receptacles or to make repairs when damage occurs. 

Choosing the Right Securr Receptacle

While all of our receptacles can be custom designed to suit your needs, two of our models are the most popular among those choosing to create a customized look. The first of these is the 108-Gallon, Rectangular Indoor Trash/Recycle Solid Body Bin (Item #HS345). This bin can be customized in several ways.  Some of the features that you can choose include:

  • Container color
  • Vinyl labels to show what should be placed inside the container
  • Graphics panels for your logo or messaging
  • Color of the top inserts

Ideally suited for everything from stadium concourses to airports, this model weighs 213 pounds and measures 20 inches wide, 40 inches tall and 60 inches long.

The 50-Gallon Flex Series Custom Trash Can/Recycle Bin (Item #FX50) is another popular option. Some of the customization options available with this model include:

  • Container color
  • Plastic lid color
  • Vinyl labels to show what goes inside the container
  • Decorative hole patterns
  • Graphics panel for your logo or a messaging (inset in the container)

As with all Securr products, both of these models are constructed with corrosion-resistant galvannealed steel with a UV-resistant powder coat. As such, they will last for years even in the harshest of environments. 

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