About Us

Securr.comSecurr, a trade Name of Compumeric Engineering Inc., has a long tradition of growth and evolution. While our history includes manufacturing precision components and assemblies for the aircraft and lighting industries, we have become a diverse company that now specializes in refuse and recycling containers. Another very successful Compumeric company is called BearSaver, which is the undisputed world leader in animal-resistant refuse and recycling solutions. Our many years of experience in the waste industry has allowed us to develop an intimate understanding of what is important to meet our customer's needs.

Our commitment to design and innovation has remained steady over the years as product lines have expanded and manufacturing technologies have advanced. Our factory in beautiful Southern California has complete manufacturing capabilities offering a wide range of process capabilities. Using state of the art computer software for design and programming, we can recognize problems and potential component interference before they happen. This dramatically reduces lead times because components are fabricated correctly the first time.

Ontario, California, 91761
Phone: 888-671-7066
FAX: 909-605-7780
Email: sales@securr.com