Effectively Advertise Your Business with Ad Receptacles from Securr

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Securr offers several outdoor advertising receptacles from which you can select. With many different sizes and shapes, you are sure to find the receptacle to best meet your advertising needs.

Square Outdoor Advertising Receptacles

If you are looking for an advertising trash can or recycle bin that is square in shape, Securr has many different sizes and configurations available. These include:

  • 36-Gallon, ADA-Compliant Outdoor Square Advertising Trash Can (Item #VL360W-ADVERT): Features a slim profile to fit in tight areas along with powder-coated solid body construction and an outdoor top. Includes a rigid liner that is removed from side opening doors to make emptying easier. Customer supplied graphic panels are slid into ad frames attached to the receptacle. 
  • 36-Gallon, ADA-Compliant Outdoor Square Advertising Can with Panels (Item #HS45OR-ADVERT): Measures 20 inches wide, 45 inches tall and 20 inches long while weighing 146 pounds. Uses frames on panels to display customer-provided advertising. Outdoor top and rigid liner provided.
  • 40-Gallon, ADA-Compliant Outdoor Square Trash Can (Item #AC400W-ADVERT): Measures 19 inches tall, 42 inches wide and 19 inches long while weighing 72 pounds. Includes an outdoor hinged top and bag ring. Customer-provided advertising slides into the ad frames attached to the receptacle.
  • 64-Gallon, ADA-Compliant Square Trash Receptacle with Bag Frame (Item #AC64OW-ADVERT): Measures 21 inches wide, 47 inches tall and 21 inches long while weighing 86 pounds. Includes hinged top and bolt-down provisions. Customer-provided advertisement panels are inserted into ad frames. Recycling opening in place of trash opening is optional. 
  • 64-Gallon, ADA-Compliant Outdoor Square Combo Trash/Recycling Can (Item #HS64-ADVER): Measures 27 inches wide, 46 inches tall, 27 inches long while weighing 189 pounds. Comes with two 32-gallon rigid liners and an outdoor top. Customer-provided advertising is held with the advertising frames or may be permanently affixed without ad frames. Bolt-down provisions included.
  • 72-Gallon, ADA-Compliant Square Combo Trash/Recyclin Bin (Item #HS245-ADVERT) Measures 40 inches wide, 46 inches tall and 20 inches long while weighing 232 pounds. Includes two 36-gallon rigid liners and bolt-down provisions. Customer-provided advertising can be displayed through ad panel frames. Features side-opening service door and full-length piano hinge for durability. 

Square Indoor Advertising Receptacles

Indoor advertising trash cans available throughout this Securr line of receptacles include:

Round Outdoor Advertising Receptacles

In addition to the square design, Securr also offers several round receptacles that are designed for advertising. These include:

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