Keep Sensitive Documents Safe with Securr’s Document Control Cart Enclosure

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The Securr Document Control Cart Enclosure allows you to keep your sensitive documents safe without concern that they may be viewed by others. Whether you are waiting to shred the documents, have them incinerated or otherwise destroyed at a later date, the Document Control Cart Enclosure allows you to toss away the documents with confidence that they will not be seen by prying eyes.

Enjoy the Quality You Expect from Securr

The Securr Document Control Cart Enclosure, Item #CG95-DC, offers the same level of high-quality that customers have come to expect from Securr. Constructed from galvannealed steel with a powder coat finish, the sturdy frame and enclosure are resistant to corrosion as well as tampering. Furthermore, the lock boasts a two-point locking mechanism to ensure additional security. 

Keep it Simple with Securr’s Document Control Cart Enclosure

In addition to providing a high level of security, the Securr Document Control Cart Enclosure is also designed for ease of use. The cart enclosure comes complete with a rolling poly cart inside. When it is time to remove the documents, the poly cart can be easily removed and rolled away to wherever the destruction of the documents is to take place. 

Meeting Safety Requirements

At Securr, security is one of our top priorities, but we are also concerned about safety as well. With the rolling poly cart, it is not necessary to lift the contents within the enclosure up and out if your collection method includes a cart tipper. This helps to reduce the potential for back strains and injuries. In addition, since the poly cart can be rolled away, you can easily transport a large number of documents from one place to the other as you take full advantage of the cart’s high load rating. 

Document Control Cart Enclosure Specs

The 95 gallon enclosure weighs 250 pounds and measures 37 inches wide, 52 inches tall and 32 inches long. As with all Securr products, the enclosure also comes backed by a one-year warranty. 

Securr has you covered when it comes to protecting your sensitive documents. Contact us today to learn more about our Document Control Cart Enclosure and how you can choose the right specifications to meet the needs of your business or organization. 

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