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Custom Trash Cans Manufacturer:
Custom Trash Cans & City Trash Cans

Thank you for visiting Trash-Cans.com, home of Securr refuse and recycling bin manufacturing. As you browse through our site, you will find a wide variety of trash cans, recycling bins and other waste receptacle products to choose from. We are sure you will find just the receptacle you are looking for, and we are pleased to offer you the lowest prices possible. As designers and custom trash can manufacturers, we are able to cut out the middleman in order to bring a combination of superior customer service, quality products and low everyday prices to our customers.

Whether you need a trash can or recycle bin for home or business use, our extensive line of products can serve virtually any need. Some of the items we have to offer include: Animal-proof recycling bins and waste receptacles (available through our world famous BearSaver line)

  • Custom trash cans and recycling bins featuring your custom graphics or logos
  • Outdoor advertising waste receptacles and recycling bins built to feature changeable advertisements, which you can use to advertise your business or to generate revenue from the sale of ad space
  • Locking waste receptacles and recycling bins featuring everything from simple locking hasps to keyed locks
  • Medical and pharmaceutical waste kiosks
  • Enclosures, including stand alone waste and recycling enclosures as well as combination enclosures

As the leading custom trash cans manufacturer of waste receptacles and recycling containers, we provide containers for use in parks, subways, bus stations, government buildings, educational institutions, small businesses and more. In short, if you have a need to collect trash and recycling, we are sure to have a receptacle to suit your needs. Get the Right Waste Receptacle the First Time with Securr.

With so many waste receptacles to choose from, choosing the one that is right for you can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. Whether you need to purchase one receptacle or hundreds of them, you want to be sure you are making a sound investment. Take a moment to browse through our extensive inventory of trash and recycling receptacles. Or, give us a call at 1-888-671-7066. We’ll be happy to help you choose the receptacle that is right for you.

Securr Custom Trash Cans Manufacturer of Outdoor Trash Cans & Recycle Bins. Made in the USA

  • Available with several side panel styles. Side panels are replaceable in case of damage or new design requirements.
  • Two standard outdoor top options available for trash and recycling. Custom openings also available upon request.
  • Made from heavy-gauge corrosion resistant steel. Will not rust under any environmental circumstances.
  • Side opening door available on most models. Stainless steel door hinge is standard.
  • Bolt down holes located on the inside.
  • Choice of several standard colors using UV resistant textured powder coat. Colors include: black, white, sky (light) blue, forest brown, fir green and olive green.
  • Standard decals available at no extra charge include: Trash, Recycle, Glass, Plastic, Aluminum and Recycle symbol. Custom lettering and graphics available with upcharge.
  • Rigid plastic liner standard and included. Swing out bag racks are available at no extra cost if preferred.
  • ADA Compliant