7 Tips for Better Handling Waste

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When it comes to dealing with trash at your home or place of business, you clearly want to take whatever steps are necessary to keep the waste from becoming an eyesore or leaving behind a foul stench. At the same time, you want to be sure your waste is as easy to remove as possible and does not cause unnecessary physical strain or other issues. By keeping a few simple trash tips in mind, your waste will be easy to manage while also keeping those involved with its removal safe and healthy.

Trash Tip #1: Use Labels

Using labels on your trash cans can help you to keep them organized and orderly. It will also help to ensure you are using the right receptacle for the right purpose. If you have receptacles with lids that are separate from the trash can, for example, you might want to use a permanent marker or paint to mark which lid goes to which receptacle. If you use receptacles from Securr, this obviously won’t be a problem because the receptacles and lids are attached. Nonetheless, you should write your address on the receptacle in case it is somehow removed from your property. In this way, you will be able to easily identify the receptacle as being yours.

Trash Tip #2: Don’t Skimp on the Bags

While it may cost a bit more to buy quality garbage bags, the extra dollars you spend will be well worth it when the bags do not break or leak.

Trash Tip #3: Store Bags in the Receptacle

To make it easier to remove trash, consider placing some extra trash bags at the bottom of your trashcan. This way, replacement bags will be right there on hand when you remove a trash bag from the receptacle.

Trash Tip #4: Compost Food Waste

You can help to reduce your trash output while also minimizing odor by composting food waste. You can go the simple route by placing fruit and vegetable waste in a pile outside, or you can purchase a store-bought composting unit that can even help you with composting meat and dairy food waste, too. This compost can also help you add valuable nutrients to your soil.

Trash Tip #5: Deodorize

Using odor-control products can help to minimize the smell from your garbage. Natural pet-odor deodorant or a sprinkle of baking soda can be beneficial.

Trash Tip #6: Clean Garbage Cans Regularly

Your trash cans should be cleaned once per month in order to minimize or eliminate odors. Any all-purpose cleaner will be sufficient. Similarly, when leaks or spills occur, they should be dealt with right away in order to prevent mold or bacteria from setting in.

Trash Tip #7: Use Wheeled Garbage Bins

In order to prevent an unnecessary back sprain, consider using wheeled garbage bins to hold your waste. Not only are these bins easy to move without requiring any lifting, but they can also be handled by virtually anyone in the family. A cart garage can also be used to store your wheeled garbage been for an added level of protection.

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