Create an Efficient Food Court with Food Court Receptacles from Securr

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Whether setting up a food court at a school, a hospital, a mall or anywhere else where large numbers of people are likely to need to eat, including the right features is the key to creating an effective space that can meet all of the needs of those who will be using the space. At Securr, we are pleased to be able to help make this process go as smoothly as possible with our food court waste receptacles designed specifically for this purpose. 

Creating the Right Space

When choosing a space for a food court, location is key. Ideally, your food court should be centrally located in an area where all people will be able to easily access the area. At the same time, you may want to place the food court in an area that will help to draw traffic to your space. In the mall, for example, placing the food court in the center or on the second floor will help to get people to travel through the mall and past the stores in order to reach the food destination. At a hospital, on the other hand, the location should be somewhere that visitors can easily reach from the various rooms of the hospital. The first floor might be the best location in terms of making the food court easy to access.

Making the Most of Your Space

After choosing where your food court will be located, you also need to take steps to make the most use out of the space available. In order to ensure easy of use, there should be ample space around the various tables and chairs that you have set up. Furthermore, long cafeteria-style tables will help to fit more people into the space. On the other hand, if you want to create a cozier look, it is best to go with smaller tables that can be combined together in various combinations for larger groups or broken apart to accommodate smaller parties.

Keeping the Space Clean

Once you have your food court location and tables in place, you need to be sure to have ample receptacles in place for collecting waste. These receptacles should be easy to find and should be placed in various places throughout the food court in order to encourage customers to clean up after themselves. At the same time, thought should be given to ease-of-use when it comes time to remove the trash from the receptacle. If the receptacle is in an area that is difficult to reach, your workers may have trouble with removing the trash without disrupting customers.

At Securr, we have two different food court receptacle models available. These include: 

Both receptacles are designed to accommodate 20” x 17” trays, though the double model can accommodate trays on two sides while the single model can only accommodate one stack of trays. Both models are also designed to hold 36-gallon rigid plastic liners, which are included with purchase.

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