Create a Safe Workspace with Securr’s Cart Garages

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Available in three different sizes to suit your needs, cart garages offer an innovative solution for those who in need of a trash and recycling enclosure for automated and semi-automated waste collection.

Achieving Safe Waste Removal

Whether you are the manager of a business, a park or a city, finding safe and effective solutions to waste removal is essential. Ideal for use where waste collection already utilizes a truck, the cart garages from Securr allows you to safely lock a wheeled trash cart inside it cannot be tampered with throughout the day. When it is time for the waste to be removed, the cart can be easily rolled out of the cart garage by simply opening the door and pulling out the cart. The cart can then be rolled to the truck location for emptying before it is returned to the garage.

Not only does this make it easier to remove waste, but it also eliminates the need for workers to lift heavy loads of trash. As a result, you significantly reduce the risk of potential worker injuries.

Choosing the Right Cart Garage for You

As Securr, we are pleased to offer a variety of different cart garages from which you can choose. In addition to offering different sizes and design features, all of our carts are also available in a variety of standard or custom colors. Custom graphics options and an anti-graffiti clear coat are also available. If you are interested in purchasing a cart garage, here are some of the options that Securr has available:

All of the cart garages are suitable for outdoor use and can be used to hold either recycling or trash. Poly carts are included with purchase and the side panels are interchangeable and bolted in for easy replacement. Backed by a one-year warranty, every motel is made with stainless steel hinges and galvanealed steel frames.

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