Elevating Sustainability with SECURR® HS55: A 55-Gallon Waste Receptacle and Recycle Bin Marvel

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Elevating Sustainability with SECURR® HS55: A 55-Gallon Waste Receptacle and Recycle Bin Marvel

In the relentless pursuit of environmental consciousness, the significance of effective waste management cannot be emphasized enough. Enter SECURR® HS55, a pinnacle in waste receptacle engineering that seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics, offering a distinctive solution to your waste management needs.

Aesthetics Meets Durability

SECURR®'s HS55 Waste Receptacle and Recycle Bin transcend mere functionality. Available in 35 or 55-gallon capacities, these ADA-compliant heavy-duty bins are not just containers; they are statements. With panel options ranging from powder-coated to stainless steel or custom laser-cut side panels, the HS55 introduces a new era of customizable and visually appealing waste management.

Customization Beyond Boundaries

The HS55 takes personalization to the next level with its custom laser-cut panels. Whether you envision a specific design or desire to showcase your logo proudly, SECURR® invites you to explore the realm of possibilities. Moreover, for those seeking a harmonious blend with existing aesthetics, custom colors are available with a minimal upcharge.

Championing Recycling Initiatives

In collaboration with Recycle Across America, SECURR® supports standardized labels for bins, fostering a society-wide approach to recycling. These labels simplify recycling, reduce contamination, and enhance the overall efficiency and financial viability of recycling programs.

Robust by Design

SECURR®'s commitment to longevity and durability is evident in the construction of the HS55. Crafted from corrosion-resistant recycled materials, the side-opening doors provide unparalleled convenience during emptying. The inclusion of a durable plastic rigid liner adds a layer of practicality to the bin's maintenance.

Technical Excellence

Mechanically, SECURR®'s HS55 is engineered to endure harsh environments. Zinc-coated handles, striker plates, and hardware ensure corrosion resistance. The heavy-duty piano hinge material in the stainless steel door hinges, coupled with a textured powder coat finish, makes the HS55 impervious to humidity, salt spray, fog, UV rays, abrasion, and chemicals.

Product Specifications

  • Product Name: Trash Cans and Recycle Bins, 55 Gallon - HS55
  • Manufacturer: Securr
  • Item #: HS55
  • Weight: 145 lbs
  • Assembled Dimensions: 27" (W) x 46" (H) x 27" (L)
  • Shipped From: Ontario, California 91761
  • Warranty: 1 year

Connect with SECURR®

For inquiries and customization discussions, contact SECURR® at 888-671-7066 or via email at sales@securr.com.

In choosing the SECURR® HS55, individuals and organizations not only embrace efficient waste management but also contribute significantly to the larger goal of environmental sustainability. This is more than a waste receptacle; it's a statement of commitment to a greener future.

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