Exploring the Stadium Series of Securr Trash Receptacles

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If you are searching for the perfect trash or recycling receptacle for use at a stadium or other similar venue, you don’t have to look any further than the receptacles offered as part of the Securr Stadium Series. This durable, high-capacity receptacles are ideal for use in stadiums, arenas and other areas where trash is likely to accumulate quickly and within a short period of time. Here is a closer look at some of the receptacles included in the Stadium Series.

36 Gallon Models

With Securr, you have several different 36-gallon models to choose from within the Stadium Series. These include the following:

Regardless of the model selected, you have the option to customize the receptacle with the name of your stadium, arena or venue on the side of the receptacle. Not only does this help to create a more professional look, but it also helps with further branding your venue or the team that your venue represents. Whether you want a laser cut design, decorative hole patterns or any other form of customization, these receptacles can be fully customized in just about any way that you can imagine.

When choosing among these three varieties, the differences are quite simple: the two indoor models are essentially the same, with one being constructed from stainless steel and the other from galvaneeled steel. As would be expected, the stainless steel variety is more costly, but the galvaneeled receptacle is also corrosion-resistant and designed to last for years in the harshest environments. Similarly, the outdoor model weighs slightly more and offers added durability designed to withstand outdoor elements. As such, it is more costly than the other indoor galvaneeled model.

50 Gallon Models

Two 50-gallon models are also available within the Stadium Series. These include:

Both of these offerings are similar to the 36-gallon galvaneeled and 36-gallon stainless steel models previously discussed, with each simply offering a larger capacity. Depending upon your needs, a combination of 36-gallon and 50-gallon receptacles may best serve you and your customers.

Higher Capacity Options

If you are searching for receptacles that offer a much higher capacity, you may be interested in one or both of these models:

Both of these products give you the option to encourage users to separate their trash. The 2 x 36 gallon model, for example, can be used to simply hold two trash cans or it can be used to hold one trash can and one recycle bin. Similarly, the 108 gallon model holds three 36-gallon receptacles, allowing you to encourage users to further break down their trash. While one can be used for trash, for example, another can be used for plastic while the third is used for paper.

With so many options available within the Stadium Series, we are sure you will be able to find the one that best suits the needs of your venue!


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