How Disney’s Dirtiest Secret Can Help Your Business

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Disney is in the business of making magic. And no magician reveals his secrets, right? That’s why you don’t often hear about the details that go into making their theme parks so special. Maybe you’ve heard rumors about the intricate underground tunnel system for staff or the “Smellitizers” they use to add atmosphere to different areas of the park. But we bet you’ve never heard about Disney’s dirtiest secret: Walt Disney is the father of the modern trash can. Let’s take a look at Disney’s innovations to see how they can be applied to your own waste collection system.

It all started with a hot dog

According to legend, Walt Disney’s obsession with trash cans came about after eating a hot dog. He noticed that it took him approximately 30 steps before he was done. He conducted further research by camping out on a park bench and noticing how many steps guests would take before they needed to throw something away. Disney knew that one of the keys to creating a magical atmosphere was to keep the park litter free.

Key takeaway – Creating and maintaining a clean environment will make your customers’ experiences more enjoyable.

Disney’s 30-step rule

Because of his extensive real-world research, Walt Disney instituted a rule that all park trash cans need to be within 30 feet of each other. It was important to him that guests not have to hold onto trash any longer than necessary. That’s why it’s so easy to find trash cans in all Disney Theme Parks.

Key takeaway – Make it easy for your customers or guests to dispose of their trash.

Disney redesigned the trash can

Before the creation of Disneyland, most municipal park trash cans were circular and made with metal mesh that allowed waste to seep out and bad smells to escape. Disney didn’t want guests at his park to be confronted with those unpleasant sights and smells at every turn, so he designed a new style of trash can. His trash cans were rectangular with covered tops and door flaps that would contain the trash and the odors. Over the years, this design approach was adopted around the world and it serves as the basis for many of the trash cans you see today.

Key takeaway – Innovative thinking can turn problems into solutions.


The trash cans are part of the experience

Conventional thinking generally dictates that trash cans should not draw too much attention to themselves. But Disney had a different idea. Why not make trash cans part of the attraction? An enormous amount of care and thought goes into each area of the park, and the trash cans are designed to match each area perfectly. They’re painted with beautiful colors and designs, and logos are proudly displayed. They’ve become so popular on their own that the parks now sell salt and pepper shakers that look just like miniature Disney trash cans!

Key takeaway – Your trash cans are an extension of your brand and can be customized to promote brand awareness.

Let Disney’s magic work for you

Now that Disney’s dirty secret is out, you can add a little of that Disney magic to your own business. Securr is the leading custom manufacturer of waste receptacles and recycling containers, and we’re sure to have just the right trash cans to suit your needs. Please click here or give us a call at 1-888-671-7066. We look forward to helping you choose the perfect trash cans that will promote cleanliness and enhance your brand awareness!

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