Protecting Sensitive Documents with the Securr Document Control Cart Enclosure

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Even in this day and age of digital technology, a large number of hard-copies of documents are still produced by many organizations. Oftentimes, these documents contain sensitive and private information that cannot be shared. Whether this information is confidential due to laws and regulations, such as paperwork related to patients and medical establishments or students at schools, or because you simply do not want to allow sensitive information to get to those outside of your organization, proper storage and disposal of these documents are essential. At Securr, we are pleased to be able to assist in one of the vital steps of this process: storing the documents safely away until they are ready to be destroyed.

Storing Sensitive Documents with the Securr Document Control Cart Enclosure

The Securr Document Control Cart Enclosure (product number CG95-DC) is designed specifically to keep sensitive documents secure until you are ready to destroy them. Weighing 250 pounds, the cart is a sturdy steel enclosure measuring 37 inches wide, 52 inches tall and 32 inches long.

Just as with all Securr products, the cart is designed for durability as well as ease of use. As such, each enclosure comes complete with a rolling poly cart inside that allows the contents to be easily removed and transported for destruction. The cart is also made to contain fire inside in order to meet indoor safety requirements, while the lock is a two-point locking mechanism designed to increase security. The cart is available in 32 gallon, 65 gallon and 95 gallon varieties.

Destroying Sensitive Documents 

After the Securr Document Control Cart Enclosure is full or when it comes time to complete the routine dumping of the contents, you next have to determine how to destroy the documents. A paper shredder is the most obvious tool for completing this job, but sometimes a paper shredder is not available. In other cases, a paper shredder may not destroy the documents enough for your comfort. Other options for destroying sensitive documents include:

  • Ripping the paper into small pieces and placing them inside of a bucket or trash bag filled with water. The paper will become soggy and will stick together, making it difficult if not impossible to read. In most cases, the soggy paper will also fall apart if you or someone else attempts to pick them up. Even if allowed to dry, the papers are likely to be illegible.
  • Burning the papers is another option, though care must be taken to ensure the fire does not get out of control. It should also be noted that papers should not be burned inside of the Securr Document Control Cart Enclosure. Papers can be use as kindling for a bonfire or used to help start charcoal at barbecues. Of course, it will take a long time to burn through the papers if used in this manner.

If you like, you can even throw some papers in a wood chipper along with some yard waste in order to create mulch for your gardens. In most cases, however, simply shredding the papers and placing them in your Securr waste receptacle for removal will be good enough.

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