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Unless they work in the industry, most people fail to realize just how dangerous refuse removal can be. In fact, studies have shown that waste management is one of the most dangerous jobs, with thousands of workers injured every year. While many of these injuries are associated with accidents that occur while collecting waste with a truck, strain-related injuries are common among all of those who are involved with waste removal. Therefore, whether a janitor at a small building or a waste management specialist who operates heavy equipment, taking certain safety precautions in order to remain injury-free is essential.  

Avoiding Back Strain

Lower back strain is one of the most common injuries reported by those who collect waste for a living. While one receptacle may be light and fairly empty, another might be overloaded and filled with very heavy items. Bending to remove this waste can result in lower back injuries, even when the proper technique is applied.

To help prevent lower back injuries, some workers where a back support body belt to help reduce strain. At Securr, we help to further address these issues by creating waste receptacles that do not require living and straining your back in order to remove the waste. Rather, our receptacles feature convenient doors that can be opened from the back or the side in order to move the waste laterally from the receptacle. Some of our receptacles also serve as carts from which rolling receptacles can be removed and placed directly out for collection.

Preventing Cuts 

Lacerations are another common problem faced by those who collect waste. Wearing gloves can help to provide protection against cuts while also improving grip on slippery surfaces. To help address this issue, Securr offers receptacles that are complete with rigid liners. Not only does this help to keep the trash in place, but it also helps to reduce the changes of being poked or otherwise injured by any of the waste that is inside the receptacle.

Being Seen 

For many waste management workers, being seen is another issue. For those who collect waste from curbsides, the workday often starts early in the morning before the sun has come up. For these workers, there is a real risk of being hit by someone while on the road. For this reason, it is important for those who work in the industry to wear reflective vests. At Securr, waste receptacles can also be customized to have a reflective surface to further assist with safety if desired.

The bottom line is that waste management is not an easy job. Not only does it involve handling potentially dangerous waste, but it also puts workers at risk for back strain and lacerations. At Securr, we understand the difficulties involved in the industry. Therefore, when we create a design for a trash receptacle, safety is always at the forefront of our minds. By providing receptacles that are attractive, easy to use, durable and safe, we hope to make the process of collecting waste as pain-free and simple as possible for everyone involved.

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