Introducing Securr’s New Disneyland-Inspired Trash Cans

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As part of our ongoing goal to provide customers with a wide variety of trash receptacles to suit their needs and individual style, Securr is pleased to announce the release of our Disneyland-Inspired Trash Cans . Perfect for theme parks, stadiums, city streets or virtually any other application, these attractive receptacles offer the iconic shape found throughout Disneyland while still giving you the option to personalize the color and design to suit the unique needs of your business or organization.

The Magic of Disney Reaches Waste Management

Many people do not realize it, but Walt Disney is considered to be a bit of a pioneer when it comes to waste collection. As he planned to build the first theme park, he gave serious consideration to how the trash from his many park visitors would be properly collected. At the time, mesh cans were the norm, and Disney knew that this type of can would not be very effective in an outdoor theme park. Not only would it allow liquids to seep out and create an unsightly mess, but the mesh design would do nothing to contain unpleasant trash odors.

To address these concerns, Disney developed a new style of trash can. His rectangular receptacles featured a covered top with two flap doors on opposing sides for trash deposit. With the help of these flap doors, the deposited trash was not visible while also preventing trash odors from escaping. Ironically, legend has it that Disney presented his idea to trash can manufacturers at the time and his design was rejected. Nonetheless, his revolutionary design became the basis for many modern day trash receptacles, paving the way for other companies to build upon his idea and create their own Disney-inspired trash receptacles.

Recreating an Icon

As a nod to Disney and to help those who want to capture some of the Disney magic within their own theme park or other outdoor setting, Securr is pleased to now offer our own take on Disneyland-inspired trash receptacles. With the iconic curved top and rectangular body, you can invoke thoughts of the beloved theme park while still creating your own unique style and design. In fact, we offer a variety of standard colors for these fun and effective receptacles. If a custom color is needed, we are happy to work with you to help you create just the color and design you need for your trash receptacle.

Quality You Can Trust

Of course, our Disneyland-inspired trash cans offer more than just good looks. These 36-gallon trash receptacles are built to last and easy to use. With its powder-coated, corrosion-resistant galvanized steel exterior and its side unloading door providing easy access to the plastic liner, you enjoy easy access to the receptacle without needing to engage in vertical lifting. With the included liner, this receptacle weighs 89 pounds and measures 19 inches wide, 42 inches tall and 21 inches long. The receptacle comes backed by a one-year warranty.

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