Waste Management: Taking the Initiative for a Positive Impact

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With landfills quickly filling up and waste is an ongoing and growing problem, finding ways to reduce your waste output is essential. Fortunately, there are several initiatives that nearly anyone can take to help reduce the amount of waste they create. If you are interested in reducing your waste output, here are some ideas that you might want to consider.

Create a Team

The first step in reducing waste in any setting is to put together a recycling and waste management team. In a school setting, this team may consist of an administrator, a teacher, a custodian, and student leaders. In a work setting, it may consist of a member of management, a custodian and staff members. Regardless of the setting, getting people at all levels involved will help to ensure you develop a waste management and recycling program that is successful.

Establish a Recycling Center

As part of your recycling and waste management team, you will certainly want to work toward setting up a recycling center. At Securr, we offer several multi-stream options that allow you to collect several different types of recyclable materials in one place. Or, if you prefer, we offer several single-use indoor/outdoor receptacles as well. Regardless of your plan, we are sure you will find a product within our line to suit your needs.

Get Educated

Before you start collecting recyclable materials, you need to take the time to get educated about your local recycling facility and what it will and will not accept. In this way, you will have a better idea of what materials you should collect and how you should sort them in order to have the greatest positive impact. You may even want to look into your options for getting paid for recycling materials for aluminum cans, as you can then use the money made from recycling to help purchase additional materials for your waste management initiative.

Donate School Supplies

At the end of the school year, you may find that you have school supplies or equipment that you no longer need. Similarly, you may have materials at your place of business that you no longer use or need. Rather than throw them in the trash, donate them to a local organization or school. Teachers often find themselves paying for school supplies out of their own pocket, so they will surely appreciate getting some donated, even if they are slightly used.

Start a Composting Program

Many schools, organizations, and businesses do not effectively deal with their food waste. You can help to reduce food waste by starting a composting program and getting everyone involved in the process. Using stainless steel waste compactors can be a beneficial step in this process, as it can also help to reduce the amount of space that the food and kitchen waste occupies within the kitchen.

Utilize Technology

A significant amount of paper is typically wasted in ways that can be prevented with the use of technology. Consider using email and electronic documents as much as possible rather than printing off copies. Whether in a school setting or a business, electronic documents can be annotated directly on the computer, completely eliminating the need for hard copies and generated waste.

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