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Having a quality towel return station is essential in areas where towels are made available to your customers or clients, such as at gyms, public pools or waterparks. Whether you manage a resort, a hotel, a gym or a waterpark, you want to be sure the towel return station you have fits your brand and your image. At Securr, we will work closely with you to ensure the towel return station you purchase is both aesthetically pleasing and reliable.

Quality You Can Trust with Towel Return Stations from Securr

As with all products from Securr, you can count on quality and durability when you purchase one of our towel return stations. Our quality return stations are made from corrosion-resistant steel and then powder coated in the color of your choice. This helps to ensure the towel return station will continue to look great for years. 

For added convenience, the towel return station features side openings where used towels can be deposited, while the top serves as a shelf where you can stack clean towels for customers to grab as they need them. The convenient front-opening door allows you to easily remove the used towels without placing unnecessary strain on your back.

Choosing the Right Securr Towel Return Station for You

At Securr, we offer two towel return stations from which you can choose: a single towel return station and a double towel return station. It may be better to have a couple of single towel return stations that are placed in different locations rather than one larger double towel return station. On the other hand, it may be better for your business or organization to keep all of the towels in one location with a double towel return station.

Of course, available space is another factor to consider when deciding between the single or the double towel return station. The single towel return station from Securr weighs 145 pounds and measures 20 inches wide, 46 inches tall and 20 inches long. Meanwhile, the double towel return station weighs 202 pounds and measures 20 inches wide, 46 inches tall and 40 inches long. 

Regardless of the size that you choose to purchase, both towel return stations are backed by a one year warranty. Both are also available in the standard colors of black, forest brown, olive green, fir green, sky blue and white. Additional color options are also available for an extra cost. To learn more about our towel return stations and the available customization options, contact us today!

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