Choosing the Right Securr E-Waste Collection Bin for Your Business or Organization

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Proper disposal of e-waste is essential to maintaining the security and confidentiality of your business or organization. After all, e-waste items can be scanned and used to obtain information, even if you thought you had safely removed the information from the device. Of course, collecting and properly disposing of e-waste is also an eco-friendly thing to do. Therefore, you want to be sure to purchase e-waste collection bins that are dependable, functional and attractive. At Securr, we are pleased to offer two excellent options for anyone in need of an E-Waste Collection Bin

E-Waste Collection Bins from Securr

Regardless of which e-waste collection bin you purchase from Securr, you can count on it having the same essential features. Each bin features a chute lined with stainless steel that doesn’t wear, is easy to keep clean, and provides a smooth surface for deposited items to slide over. A rigid plastic liner is included with the bin. The bin itself is made from heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant galvannealed steel, which offers excellent adherence for powder-coated finishes.

With Securr e-waste collection bins, you can count on security being a key factor. In fact, none of the contents can be removed unless the service door is unlocked. Items that can be collected in the collection bins include cell phones, modems, and other wireless devices. 

Choosing the Securr E-Waste Collection Bin that is Right for You.

If you are in need of a large capacity e-waste collection bin, the 40-gallon bin available from Securr is just what you are looking for. This model weighs 135 pounds and measures 26 inches wide, 49 inches tall and 23 inches long. 

If you don’t need quite so much space for your e-waste or if you are simply looking for a bin with a smaller footprint, the small e-waste collection bin may be a better option for you.  The 24-gallon e-waste collection bin weighs 90 pounds and measures just 19 inches wide, 44 inches tall and 22 inches long. 

Despite the high-quality materials that are used to create the e-waste collection bins from Securr, both of these products are best used indoors. This will also help to ensure that your e-waste products are not damaged while in storage. 

Regardless of the model that you select, both of the e-waste collection bins available from Securr are backed by a one-year warranty. Both are also available in black, forest brown, olive green, fir green, sky blue, red and white. Custom colors are also available at an additional cost. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find the perfect e-waste collection bin for your business or organization!

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