Securr Stadium Series: The Ultimate Trash and Recycling Receptacles for Stadiums

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Securr Stadium Series: The Ultimate Trash and Recycling Receptacles for Stadiums

When it comes to finding the perfect trash or recycling receptacles for stadiums and similar venues, look no further than the Securr Stadium Series. These receptacles offer durability and high capacity, making them the ideal choice for areas where trash accumulates rapidly. Let's take a closer look at the receptacles available in the Stadium Series.

36-Gallon Models

Within the Stadium Series, Securr offers several 36-gallon models. Regardless of the model you choose, customization options are available. You can add the name of your stadium, arena, or venue to the side of the receptacle, giving it a professional look while enhancing your venue's branding. Whether you prefer laser-cut designs, decorative hole patterns, or any other customization, these receptacles can be tailored to your imagination.

The differences among the three models are straightforward: the indoor models (stainless steel and galvannealed steel) are essentially the same, with the stainless steel option being more expensive. However, the galvannealed receptacle is also corrosion-resistant and built to withstand harsh environments for years. The outdoor model, slightly heavier and more durable, is designed to endure outdoor elements, making it pricier than the indoor galvannealed model.

50-Gallon Models

Similar to the 36-gallon models, these options provide larger capacities. Depending on your requirements, a combination of 36-gallon and 50-gallon receptacles may best serve your venue and customers.

Higher Capacity Options

For those seeking even higher capacity options, the Stadium Series offers the following models:

1. Flex Series Custom Indoor Trash Can/Recycle Bin – 2 x 36 gallons
2. Indoor Trash/Recycle Bin, Rectangle, Solid Body, 108 Gallons

Both of these products allow you to promote trash separation. The 2 x 36-gallon model can accommodate two trash cans or one trash can and one recycling bin. Similarly, the 108-gallon model holds three 36-gallon receptacles, enabling users to further segregate their trash. For example, one bin can be used for general waste, another for plastic, and the third for paper.

With the extensive range of options available in the Stadium Series, you're sure to find the perfect receptacle that meets the needs of your venue. Choose Securr for durable and customizable solutions that enhance waste management in stadiums.

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