Our Urban Park Receptacles Perform Well in Any Environment

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Our Urban Park Receptacles Perform Well in Any Environment

When you purchase receptacles from Securr, you can feel confident that you’re investing in industry-leading products. Securr and our sister company BearSaver have been manufacturing and supplying trash cans and recycling bins to parks for many years. This includes city parks, county parks, state parks, and even amusement parks. No matter your needs, we have an urban park receptacle that will meet them, from decorative recycling bins to animal-proof trash cans.

Various options available

Securr offers a wide variety of waste receptacles that are perfect for any kind of park setting. Our Standard and Decorative waste and recycling receptacles are 35- or 55-gallon, heavy-duty, ADA-compliant products that provide both aesthetics and durability. These attractive and sturdy containers secure your contents and offer years of trouble-free service. Securr also offers the only side-opening doors on the market. Contents of our receptacles are removed from the side instead of the top, which makes emptying easier. Various top options are available and a durable plastic rigid liner is included.

Made with the highest quality in mind

All of Securr’s receptacles are second to none when it comes to quality and durability. We use the highest quality construction including the option of a cold galvanizing spray treatment that is available for environments that are extremely humid or salty. Our urban park receptacles also offer:

  • Modular construction making it easy to change out the panels and lids.
  • Side-opening doors which feature strong, durable hinges that are made with 304-grade stainless steel that will not rust. These doors make emptying the contents easy and reduce the risk of back injury from removing contents from the top.
  • Door panel locks that protect against vandalism and are designed to stay closed between collections.
  • High-grade 14-gauge galvannealed steel frames which provide the ultimate surface for paintability and corrosion resistance. 
  • Anchoring holes in the base of the container.
  • Stainless steel hinges that are made with heavy-duty piano material.
  • Handles, striker plates, and hardware that are zinc-coated for corrosion resistance.
  • ADA compliance.
  • Finishes that are resistant to humidity, salt spray, fog, ultraviolet rays, abrasion, and chemicals.

Our products are easily customizable

All of Securr’s range of products are easy to customize since we design and manufacture everything right here in our factory in Ontario, California. Some of the customization options for our urban park receptacles include:

  • Replaceable side panels in a variety of styles.
  • Two outdoor top options for trash and recycling – or customize your own!
  • Choice of several standard colors using a UV-resistant textured powder coat. Standard colors include black, white, sky (light) blue, forest brown, fir green, and olive green.
  • Standard decals such as Trash, Recycle, Glass, Plastic, and Aluminum. Custom lettering and graphics are also available!

Contact Securr today

Would you like to learn more about Securr’s range of urban park receptacles? Then contact Securr at 888-671-7066 or sales@securr.com. Our Customer Service representatives are eager to assist you to ensure your satisfaction with all our products and services. Contact us today!

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