Springfield, Missouri, Using Federal Funds for Landfill Tours

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Springfield, Missouri, Using Federal Funds for Landfill Tours

Keeping recyclable materials out of landfills is a top priority for many municipalities. That’s why Springfield, Missouri, has come up with an innovative way to encourage residents to take recycling more seriously. With funds from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, they hope to host tours of the local landfill to help people gain a new perspective on throwing things away. 

Significant increases in landfill tonnage cause concern

According to the Springfield News-Leader, the city of Springfield conducted a waste composition study in 2017. They discovered that more than 70 percent of trash in their local landfill could have been recycled instead of thrown away. In the five years since the study, their landfill tonnage has nearly doubled from 650 tons a day in 2017 to up to 1,200 tons a day now. They’ve determined that at this rate, their landfill will be at capacity in approximately 50 years.

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law offers money for education and outreach

Springfield leaders are looking at a creative solution to help reduce the amount of recyclable material that ends up in their landfill. They plan to apply for federal grant money through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to fund an educational outreach program for their citizens. This would include public tours of the landfill so that people can see exactly how their behaviors contribute to this escalating problem. The EPA is currently awarding grants to municipalities through their Recycling Education and Outreach Grant Program to help inform the public about recycling best practices.

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