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Supply chain delays have been in the news for the past couple of years. Those purchasing goods from outside the United States have had to deal with reduced availability and much longer anticipated delivery times. Combined with labor shortages and inflation, this can mean long lead times and high prices. But did you know that when you purchase waste receptacles from Securr you can avoid all those headaches? That’s because Securr’s products are made right here in the USA. Here’s a glimpse at what we do here at Securr and how that benefits everyone who gets their waste receptacles from us.

We have a long history of manufacturing

We didn’t start by manufacturing trash cans and recycle bins. Our history began with manufacturing precision components and assemblies for the aircraft and lighting industries. We then used our expertise in metal fabrication to expand. We’re now a diverse company that specializes in refuse and recycling containers. 

We offer complete manufacturing capabilities at our state-of-the-art facility

One thing that makes Securr stand out from the competition is that we both manufacture and distribute our products. When you buy from Securr, you’re not dealing with a middleman. You don’t have to worry about choosing from a variety of manufacturers. Instead, you are purchasing your receptacles directly from our factory. We use the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to design quality products that are easily understood by our computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines. That means we can produce new products quickly, efficiently, and with great precision. This dramatically reduces lead times because components are fabricated correctly the first time. It also saves you money.

We can customize any product to fit your needs

Because of our unique design and manufacturing process, we can customize and/or modify every product we manufacture. Since all our fabrication capabilities are in-house, we can meet nearly every need you have at the lowest cost.

We’re the #1 choice for bear-proof containers

Not only do we produce a full line of trash cans and recycle bins, but we also offer bear-proof containers through our sister company, BearSaver, the undisputed leader in animal-resistant refuse and recycling solutions. This was a natural expansion for us as a company. We paired our expertise with metal fabrication with our passion for wildlife and outdoor recreation. Many of our staff are avid campers and outdoor enthusiasts. We spend much of our leisure time in the nearby Sierras where there is a growing concern for bears foraging for human food. We work with top wildlife biologists to understand bear behavior before releasing any products to the market. And we continue to work with wildlife professionals to expand our product line. That’s why we’re the most respected and most copied manufacturer of bear-resistant products in the world.

Contact Securr today

If buying quality products that are proudly made in the USA is important to you, then contact us at 888-671-7066 or Our Customer Service Representatives are delighted to help you explore all the available options. Contact us today!

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