Get Both Durability and Affordability with Securr’s ValueLine Series

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Get Both Durability and Affordability with Securr’s ValueLine Series

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t afford a quality waste collection system. That’s why Securr has created the ValueLine Series of trash cans and recycle bins. These products have been made with both quality and durability in mind and are designed to give you years of trouble-free service. There are several styles available in the ValueLine Series and you’re sure to find one that will meet both your needs and your expectations.

ValueLine Outdoor Trash Can, Square - VL36OW

The ValueLine Outdoor Trash Can VL36OW is a 36-gallon outdoor waste receptacle that is ADA compliant. It features a powder-coated solid-body construction with a rigid liner included. It is manufactured using 18-gauge galvannealed steel and UV-resistant powder-coated finish that gives these receptacles many years of service even in the harshest environments. Contents are removed from the side instead of the top to prevent costly back injuries and a high-quality locking latch is included. These receptacles are both elegant and durable and are an excellent choice for any application.

ValueLine Outdoor Trash Can, Slim Jim Rectangle - VL32OW

The ValueLine Outdoor Trash Can VL32OW is the perfect choice for tight areas. The slim profile of this receptacle helps to create space without sacrificing capacity. It’s perfect for areas like airports, train stations, bus terminals, shopping malls, city sidewalks, walkways, or any area that gets high foot traffic. The ADA-compliant, 32-gallon bin comes with a rigid liner that is removed from the side as well as a high-quality locking latch.

Outdoor Trash Can, Square - AC40OW-PS

The Outdoor Trash Can AC40OW-PS is the most affordable choice when you need a higher-capacity receptacle. This ADA-compliant 40-gallon can comes in multiple panel options and features a hinged top that affords easy access to the contents for service. The side panels are interchangeable and bolt in for easy replacement. New replacement panels can be ordered in case of damage, which helps to avoid having to replace the entire can. The powder-coated panels can be a different color than the frame to achieve a two-tone look. Any color is available for an upcharge.

ValueLine Indoor Trash Can, Square - VL36IW

If you’re looking for an affordable indoor trash can, then the ValueLine Indoor Trash Can VL36IW is your best bet. This ADA-compliant, 36-gallon receptacle features powder-coated solid-body construction and a rigid liner that is removed from the side. A high-quality locking latch is included.

Customization and standardized recycling labels are available

Because of Securr’s unique design and manufacturing process, we can offer customization and/or modification of every product that we manufacture. In addition, we’ve partnered with Recycle Across America to provide society-wide standardized recycling labels to make it easy for people to recycle right where they are. This dramatically increases recycling levels and decreases contamination levels, improving the financial viability of recycling.

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