Securr’s Sentinel Series Ideal for Public Venues

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Securr’s Sentinel Series Ideal for Public Venues

Are you searching for a waste receptacle that has pleasing aesthetics for your public venue? Then look no further than the Sentinel Series from Securr! These trash cans and recycle bins not only provide an attractive way to manage waste collection on your property but they’re also made to last. These enclosures come in a wide variety of options to suit your needs and at a price you won’t find anywhere else.

Designed for public spaces

Securr’s Sentinel Series trash cans and recycle bins were designed specifically for public venues where aesthetics matter. These 45-gallon receptacles are made with high-grade 14-gauge steel using a premium galvannealed process, making them corrosion resistant and allowing for superior adhesion of a powder coat. Made in the USA and ADA-compliant, these environmentally-friendly bins are also made with recycled materials when possible.

Various options available

The Sentinel Series is available in three styles, including an indoor bin with an outward-sloping lid, an indoor bin with an inward-sloping lid, and an outdoor bin that features an optional ashtray. A cold galvanizing spray treatment can be applied for bins that will be placed in extremely salty or humid environments, and powder-coated bins have an additional clear coat that gives them superior scratch and scuff protection. Removable plastic liners are included and the modular construction makes changing out the panels simple. Anchoring holes are provided in the base of the container and the side door features a strong, durable hinge made of 304-grade stainless steel that won’t rust. 

Customize to suit your needs

As one of our most aesthetically-pleasing lines of receptacles, the Sentinel Series can be customized to suit your needs. Our powder-coated steel finishes include seven standard colors or custom colors that match the Pantone color chart. Frames and lids come standard in black texture but can be ordered in other standard and custom colors. Other panel finishes include:

  • Custom textured white granite finish
  • Clear polycarbonate in thicknesses of 0.236 inches and 0.093 inches
  • Aggregate finish in two colors
  • Stainless steel in brushed finish or ⅛ inch perforated steel
  • Precision laser-cut logo or message
  • Premium 3M vinyl decals to convey the type of waste or recycling material

Homeland security options are also available

The Sentinel Series can also be ordered with clear panels that are compliant with the Department of Homeland Security’s directive for clear plastic containers. The panels are made with Bayer Science brand Makrolon polycarbonate and are UV-resistant and non-yellowing. They have a high melting point and 94 UL rating which provides additional security in case of a fire. A bag rack is also included for clear plastic receptacles.

Contact Securr today

Would you like to learn more about how the Sentinel Series can help waste collection in your public venue? Then contact Securr today at 888-671-7066 or Our customer service representatives are eager to assist you with all of your questions and are ready to help you make the right decision with confidence. Contact us today to get started!

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